My Ancestors Worked in Textile Mills a guide to sources for family historians

My Ancestors Worked in Textile Mills

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For anyone wanting to know more about the jobs and lives of their textile worker ancestors. Adele Emm gives us an excellent guide and a compelling work of social history.

Many people headed north in search of work in the textile industry, which was prominent in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire and Lanarkshire in Scotland. Although the subject is vast, Adele writes clearly and with unwavering enthusiasm about everything: types of jobs, types of mills, living conditions, mill finance, canals, technical progress, apprentices, health, sanitation and working conditions.

The first part of the book examines the cotton, wool, linen and silk industries, the development of the textile industry in the UK, and the living conditions of textile mill workers throughout history. The second part recommends genealogical resources to help readers research their own textile mill worker ancestors.

Author: Adele Emm

Published: 2019